Killarney lyrics

by Deirdre Connolly

For dear old Killarney, tonight I am sighing
In silence I wonder far over the sea
To the green fields and dells and the lakes of Killarney
Back to the old home where I used to be

Back to the land where the sky is the bluest
And to the fields that I once used to know
To my own sweet Colleen who's dear heart is the truest
A grown creature, she left long ago

In far off Killarney the bright sun is shining
And all her green fields wild flowers grow there
For the Colleen I left there, my poor heart is pining
Day time and night time, I long to be there

I long to return where the shamrocks are growing
To stroll through the clover all heavy with dew
And to smell the sweet fragrance, the south winds are blowing
To whisper again love's sweet story to you

Killarney, Killarney, the place that I love
With its lakes clear and blue 'neath the bright skies above
Where we told love's own stories on God they were true
I am sighing tonight for Killarney and you

Song Details


Writers: Unknown

Brief: It tells the story of a man's love of his hometown in Ireland, his past love and his yearning to return to his beloved Killarney.

Killarney - a town in County Kerry, southwestern Ireland.
Killarney in Irish - Cill Airne
Killarney meaning - 'church of sloes'
Sloe - also known as blackthorn - species of flowering plant
Colleen - a girl or young woman

Category: Irish Folk Song

Album: A Song In Turn (July 13, 2009)

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