My Own Native Land lyrics

by Cherish The Ladies

There's a dear little isle in the Western Ocean
It's an island of purity, holy and grand
It's name fills its daughters and sons with emotion
When they are heard on a far distant strand.

'Tis Ireland, my country, the birthplace of heroes
The home of the patriot, warrior and sage
Of bards and of chieftains whose names live in story
May they live forever on history's page.

You once were a proud and a glorious nation
Your name and your fame were known all over the world
'Til misfortune came over you and sad desolation
Your emerald banner in slavery lay unfurled.

They tortured your children, they spoiled your green banner
They tried to exterminate you long, long, long ago
But the Irish are somehow like wild, creeping flowers
The faster you pluck them, the quicker they seem to grow.

I love every blade of grass, green on your mountains,
Every leaf on your tree, and every rock upon your strand
I love your green valleys and murmuring fountains
I love you, acushla, my own dear native land.

Song Details

An Irish Shore
... dear little isle in the Western Ocean

Writer: Traditional... the song is also known as My Own Dear Native Land.

Brief: A song about the love of one's country... throughout history, the hardships endured by the Irish people have served to make the nation stronger and prouder than ever.

strand - a beach, bordering a body of water.
unfurled - open
acushla - darling

Category: Irish Folk Song - Irish Emigration

Cherish the Ladies: American all-female Irish Folk, Celtic Music Group originating in New York City in 1985. When the band was originally formed, all members were Irish-American, with the present line-up consisting of a variety of backgrounds from Ireland, Scotland and America.

Note: Very little information is available in relation to the song. If you have any knowledge or references to the song and author, any help would be greatly appreciated. (email below)

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Album: The Back Door

Other Albums: One And All and The Best of Cherish the Ladies and Her Infinite Variety and Celtic Women In Music & Song Vol. 2

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