The Unquiet Grave lyrics

by Luke Kelly

The Wind doth blow today my love,
A few small drops of rain.
Never have I had but one true love,
In cold clay she is lain.

I'll do as much for my true love,
As any young man may.
I'll sit and mourn all on her grave,
A twelve month and a day.

The twelve month and the day been gone,
A voice spoke from the deep.
"Who is it sits all on my grave.
And will not let me sleep?"

'Tis I 'Tis I thine own true love,
Who site upon your grave,
For I crave one kiss from your sweet lips,
And that is all I seek.

"You crave one kiss from my clay cold lips,
But my breath is earthy strong.
Had you one kiss from my clay cold lips,
You're time would not be long"

My time be long, my time be short,
Tomorrow or today,
May God in heaven have all my soul
But I'll kiss your lips of clay.

See down in yonder garden green.
Love where we used to walk.
The sweetest flower that ever grew.
Is withered to the stalk.

The stalk is withered dry my love,
So will our hearts decay.
So make yourself content my love,
'Til death calls you away

Song Details

The Unquiet Grave

Writer: Traditional English Folk Song - may have dated back to the 1400's

Collected: 1868 by Francis James Child

Brief: The following is a synopsis from Wikipedia:

A man mourns his true love for "a twelve month and a day". At the end of that time, the dead woman complains that his weeping is keeping her from peaceful rest. He begs a kiss. She tells him it would kill him. When he persists, wanting to join her in death, she explains that once they were both dead their hearts would simply decay, and that he should enjoy life while he has it...

Covers: Kate Rusby, Carol Noonan, Joan Baez, The Dubliners, Solas, Barbara Dickson, Shirley Collins, Circulus, David Pajo, Fire + Ice, Sarah Calderwood...

Category: Folk

🍏 The Unquiet Graveis featured on the album The Best of Luke Kelly (Sept 05, 2005)

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