Dicey Reilly lyrics

by The Dublin City Ramblers

Oh poor old Dicey Reilly she has taken to the sup.
Oh poor old Dicey Reilly she will never give it up.
For it's off each morning to the pop,
And then she's in for another little drop,
For the heart of the rowl is Dicey Reilly.

Oh she walks along Fitzgibbon street with an independent air,
Then it's down by Summerhill up where the people stare
She says it's nearly half past one, it's time I had another little one
For the heart of the rowl is Dicey Reilly.


Long years ago when men were men and fancied May Of Long
Or lovely Beckie Cooper or Maggie's Mary Wong,
One woman put them all to shame, just one was worthy of the name,
And the name of the dame was Dicey Reilly.


She owns a little sweet shop at the corner of her street,
It' ev'ry evening after school I go to wash her feet
But she leaves me there to mind the shop
While she goes out for another little drop
Oh the heart of the rowl is Dicey Reilly.


Oh but time went catching up on her like many a pretty whore,
And it's after you along the street before you're out the door,
Their looks all fade and the balance vague, but out of all that great brigade,
Still the heart of the rowl is Dicey Reilly.


Song Details

Writer: Traditional with the addition of extra verses as time went on.

Brief: A light-hearted account of Dicey Reilly who loved a drink or two or three! The origins of the song are unclear and often referred to as a traditional Irish drinking song. She started out as a drinker and with the addition of extra verses, became a prostitute as well!

pop - another word for pawn shop
heart of the rowl - the best

Category: Irish Folk Song

Dublin City Ramblers: The band originated from Dublin, Ireland. They started as The Jolly Tinkers which changed to The Quare Fellas during the mid 1960's with members, Patsy Watchorn, brothers Sean and Matt McGuinness and Pat Cummins. They disbanded in 1970 and The Dublin City Ramblers were formed. This line-up consisted of Patsy Watchorn, Sean McGuinness, Mick Crotty and Kevin Gerahty.

Covers: The Dubliners, Ronnie Drew, Brian Roebuck, The Blarney Lads, The Pubcrawlers, The Celtic Players, Cu Chulainn, Tom Donovan, Croppies...

Album: The Craic and the Porter Black (The Best of Irish Pub Songs) (Jan 20, 2003).

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