Lough Sheelin Side lyrics

by The Wolfe Tones

Farewell my Country a Long farewell
My tale of anguish no tongue can tell
For I'm forced to fly o'er the ocean wide
From the home I love by Lough Sheelin side.

How proud was I of my girl so fair
I was envied most by the young men there
When I brought her back a bashful bride
To my cottage home by Lough Sheelin side.

Farewell my love a fond adieu
Farewell my comrades and my country too
For I'm forced to fly o'er the ocean wide
From the home I love by Lough Sheelin side.

But all our joys were too good to last
For the Landlord came our young hopes to blast
In vain we pleaded for mercy no
He hurled us out in the blinding snow.

Then no one opened for us their door
For ill-felt vengeance would reach them sure
My Eileen fainted in my arms and died
On that snowy night by Lough Sheelin side.


I buried her down in the churchyard low
Where in the springtime the wild flowers grow
I shed no tears for my tongue felt dry
On that fearful night by Lough Sheelin side.

Farewell my country, farewell all day
The ship will soon take me far away
But oh my fond heart would sooner bide
Near my Eileen's grave by Lough Sheelin side.


Song Details

Lough Sheelin - Ireland
Lough Sheelin - Ireland

Writer: Traditional

Brief: A tragic story surrounding a young married couple who were evicted from their home during a time in Irish History when wealthy landlords oppressed many poor and hungry Irish people.

With no help in sight, the young bride collapsed and died in her lovers arms. Heartbroken, he buried his wife and was forced to leave his friends and beloved country behind.

Lough Sheelin in Irish - Loch Síodh Linnis - means 'Lake of the Fairy Pool'.

Lough Sheelin is a limestone freshwater lough (lake) in Ireland located in County Westmeath, County Meath and County Cavan near the villages of Finnea (also spelled Finea) and Mountnugent and the town of Granard, (County Longford)... Wikipedia.

Category: Folk Song

Cover: This version by the Wolfe Tones is titled The Lough Sheelin Eviction.

Album: Spirit of the Nation (1 Jan 1964)

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