The Orchard lyrics

Liam Clancy

When I was nine, in harvest time, I crossed the orchard wall
The moon was bright, and the apples ripe upon the ground did fall
We filled our sacks, and we made our way back, more adventures still to find.
In an orchard 'neath the Comeraghs in the sweet Dungarvan times.

I crossed the orchard wall again when I was just thirteen
It was, I think, to be my first drink of cider and poitin
I remember well, it tasted like hell, and I hoped the pain would end soon,
In an orchard 'neath the Comeraghs in the sweet Dungarvan moon.

When I was nineteen years of age I crossed the wall with pride
My Annie fair with the nut brown hair was walking by my side
Our clothes came off, we tumbled and we kissed, all innocence was gone
In an orchard 'neath the Comeraghs in the sweet Dungarvan dawn.

And when I was twenty-one years old, I married Annie there
The apple blossoms on the trees were better in her hair
And when the day was over, we danced away night thru' the trees
In an orchard 'neath the Comeraghs in the sweet Dungarvan breeze.

Now I'm forty-five, I am much alive and children I have four,
Three girls and one fine strapping son and I have hopes for more.
I'll teach them of what lies ahead, I have plenty to tell still
In an orchard 'neath the Comeraghs in the sweet Dungarvan hills.

I'm eighty-one, all children grown, and my Annie's long since gone.
My days were good as well they should, but it's time that I passed on,
And when I die, I want to lie beneath the whispering trees
In an orchard 'neath the Comeraghs and the sweet Dungarvan seas.

And when I'm gone, may I be one with the air, and the land and the foam
In an orchard 'neath the Comeraghs in my sweet Dungarvan home.

Song Details

Apple Orchard in Ireland
Apple Orchard in Ireland

Composer & Lyricist: Kevin Evans - singer, songwriter, promoter and producer. He is a member of the duo, Evans and Doherty which have been an integral part of the East Coast Music Scene for over thirty years. Kevin was born and raised in Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland, and is now living and performing in Canada.

Brief: A song about life in general - a man growing up and experiencing life with so many fond memories and adventures in and around an orchard in Dungarvan 'neath the Comeraghs.

Comeraghs - The Comeragh Mountains - a glaciated mountain range situated in the south east of Ireland in County Waterford.
Dungarvan - coastal town and harbour in County Waterford on the south coast of Ireland.
Poitin - a traditional Irish distilled beverage

Please Note: This version of the song omits verses 3&5, but I have included them anyway.

Category: Irish Folk

Covers: Liam Clancy (featured), Sean Tyrrell, Christy Moore, Kevin Evans with The Garrison Brothers, Bracken.

Album by Liam Clancy - Favourites 1 & 2 (Aug 24, 2005)

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