The Boys of Wexford lyrics

The Wolfe Tones

In comes the captain's daughter,
The captain of the Yeos,
Saying "Brave United Irishmen,
We'll ne'er again be foes.
A thousand pounds I'll bring
If you will fly from home with me,
And dress myself in man's attire
And fight for liberty."

We are the boys of Wexford,
Who fought with heart and hand
To burst in twain the galling chain
And free our native land.

I want no gold, my maiden fair,
To fly from home with thee.
Your shining eyes will be my prize,
More dear than gold to me.
I want no gold to nerve my arm
To do a true man's part -
To free my land I'd gladly give
The red drops of my heart... Chorus

And when we left our cabins, boys,
We left with right good will
To see our friends and neighbours
That were at Vinegar Hill!
A young man from our Irish ranks
A cannon he let go;
He slapped it into Lord Mountjoy
A tyrant he laid low!... Chorus

We bravely fought and conquered
At Ross and Wexford town;
And if we failed to keep them,
'Twas drink that brought us down.
We had no drink beside us
On Tubberneering's day,
Depending on the long, bright pike,
And well it worked that way... Chorus

And Oulart's name shall be their shame,
Whose steel we ne'er did fear.
For every man could do his part
Like Forth and Shelmalier!
And if for want of leaders,
We lost at Vinegar Hill,
We're ready for another fight,
And love our country still!

We are the boys of Wexford,
Who fought with heart and hand
To burst in twain the galling chain
And free our native land.

Song Details

The Boys Of Wexford
The Boys Of Wexford

Lyrics: Patrick Joseph McCall (1861-1919) - Irish songwriter and poet ... more

Music: Arthur Warren Darley (1873–1929) - Irish fiddle player, composer, music teacher and examiner

Brief: The Boys Of Wexford is an Irish Ballad commemorating the Irish Rebellion of 1798. The authors of this song also wrote the song, Boolavogue - another Wexford Ballad relating to the same rebellion.

twain - archaic word for two
galling - extremely irritating
Yeos - short for Yeomen - English peasantry of the 14th to 18th centuries who carried on the independent cultivation of lands that were their traditional hereditary possessions.
Oulart - a small village in the south-eastern corner of Ireland, situated in County Wexford. Battle of Oulart Hill took place near Oulart during the 1798 rebellion.

Category: Political / Soldiering / 1798 Irish Rebellion (The Wexford Rebellion)

Covers: The Wolfe Tones, The Clancy Brothers, John McCormack, Dublin City Ramblers…

Album: The Legendary Wolfe Tones, Vol. 1 (Sept 19, 1995).

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