I Am Enough for Myself lyrics

by Sinead O'Connor

Oh, the days are long,
Till the baby comes.
God will take all fear,
If you say this clear:
I am enough for myself, 
I don't need anything else.
I am enough for myself.

I am in your heart.
I only can have that part.
I am in your dreams.
I only can touch these things.
I am who gives the breath.
I am your nakedness.

I am nothing at all,
And I am singing your soul.
I am that am I.
I am that am I.
I am that I am.
I am enough for myself...

Song Details

Music & Lyrics: Sinead O'Connor

Released: 3rd June, 1997 on her album Gospel Oak - Track 2.

Brief: We don't need to become something else in the hope of being 'something'. We don’t need to do anything at all as we are enough just as we are. Dispel all your fears - love yourself... and that is enough.

Category: Spiritual

🍏 I Am Enough for Myself by Sinead O'Connor is featured on the album Gospel Oak.

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